Life on the Open Road

Life on the Open Road

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Two Years and What Have I Got to Show for It?

The joy is the journey and I am having fun! 

I'm living happily ever after as I go.

There’s a song I’ve been enjoying lately and I’d like to share the lyrics here. It’s called, Go For It by Sidewalk Prophets:

Life is a starting line 
it can happen anytime
this is what you’re made to do 

just let your heart believe
give in to your wild dreams
live ‘em like they’re coming true 

on your mark, hey
on your mark, hey 
ready set, hey
ready set, hey 

you’ve got to go for it, go for it
show up and swing for the fence
call your shot, give all that you’ve got left
and go for it, just go for it 
‘cause there’s no way to rewind 
time to lay it all on the line

don’t give up, don’t ever give in
you’ve got to go for it
eyes on the prize, no doubt in your mind
you’ve got to go for it 

no we’re not looking back 
find us on the fast track 
nothing’s gonna stop us now
we’ll make ‘em wonder
listen to the thunder when our feel hit the ground 

and go for it 

It repeats the chorus and there’s some nice oohing. 

Two years on the road and what have I got to show for it? I’m happy, I’m glad to be alive, and I’m proud of myself and the deliberate life I’m living. 😀

Saturday, September 30, 2017

I'll Paint You a Rainbow

by Grace E. Easley 

I’ll paint you a rainbow to hang on the wall, 
to brighten your heart when the gray shadows fall.

On a canvas of joy outlasting the years,
with a soft brush of sweetness to dry all your tears.

I’ll paint you a rainbow with colors of smiles
that glow with sincerity over the miles. 

On a palette of words I will tenderly blend
Tones into treasures of sunlight and wind. 

I’ll paint you a rainbow that reaches so wide, 
Your sights and your sorrows will vanish inside,
And deep in the center of each different hue,
A memory fashioned especially for you. 

So lift up your eyes, for suspended above,
A rainbow designed by the fingers of love. 

Last night, as I was walking the beach, I looked up at this beautiful sight of the moon, the clouds, and the pink lighting over the glorious ocean waves and soft sand. The number of times I’ve walked the beach and looked around, no other person nearby(sometimes even in sight), where I smile and appreciate the beauty of it, the magnificent colors and textures and sounds and feelings- it’s such a common and wonderful experience and I so enjoy it. When my Great Aunt transitioned from the physical, this poem was on the cards at the funeral. It was so lovely and fitting and, as I looked up last night, I recalled the words, “I’ll paint you a rainbow.” It wasn’t a rainbow I was looking at. It was natural beauty and I watched the coloring as I walked and the sun set, changing from the pink to grey and then darker and darker night. It was all beautiful and the ocean was calm. I wanted to share this here. 

I’m doing extremely well. Life is incredibly good and I am excited and eager for more while also finding so many moments like these, where I am so content and happy right where I am. I update Instagram more often, though I will be back here with more soon enough. Inspired posts are far more favorable than anything else to me and so I update when and as it feels best to. Regardless, I continue to notice and appreciate a great many moments and experiences in my days as I trek on. The journey is the living and I am savoring every step! 

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Awesome Expectations

I had a really cool realization this evening after an experience on the beach. I have fun, interesting, new rendezvous every time I go out. The same way I have the expectation of meeting friendly people everywhere, I have the expectation of these exciting experiences. I adore the variety, diversity and range of them. I love the brief conversations or moments with animals or whatever it may be. This week alone, I’ve had several and it has me wanting to venture out even more often because it is so fun and satisfying. I love time and physical space to myself and I love connecting with others. I love being awake and I love being asleep. The ebb and flow and ease of it all is enjoyable. 

That said, here are some of the examples of these rendezvous of late. 

I was driving an EZ Go (that doesn’t have a windshield) and a butterfly came right at me. I ducked so it wouldn’t hit my face and had a good laugh. I love seeing so many butterflies happily fluttering around. 

A different location and butterfly that same day. Kudos if you can spot it there, somewhat central and left. 
Remember that post about my evening beach walk where I said it was an eagle I’d spotted, then corrected it as a hawk? It WAS an eagle. I saw one at the beach again today and got some pictures as it stood eating something it had caught. That was cool because I knew it was an eagle and not a hawk and now know I can be sure there are eagles here, at the beach. 

Eagle, right? It was big! I zoomed in quite a bit so as to keep my distance and leave it be. 
I have had some very nice short conversations with people who have had lovely things to say and have complimented me on some things I’ve been doing. Without getting into the specifics of that, I take a lot of pride in what I do and to have multiple people notice that and comment was incredibly fulfilling. 

I love excellent customer service and people who are kind and professional and that is always nice to meet with. I got some propane the other day when the weather was grey and storms had been passing through and this particular place is one I like returning to because, despite it being a fill station I need to go the “wrong” way into for them to reach my LP fill, they are always friendly and professional plus I can pay via credit card right there and the price is fair. Yeah, some places may be cheaper, I haven’t looked. I like paying for good service and the ease of it being nearby and I’m happy to return to this place. I was told they will not fill if there is lightning as that is considered dangerous for them. Thankfully the rain stopped for the bit of time it took and she got exactly the amount I asked for in! 

And then there is this evening when I was walking the beach, closer to the end of the walk. I saw some folks fishing and recognized a shark fin. The reeling it in was also noticeable as I’ve seen other-than -fish caught enough times at this point and I know what this looks like. It was a nice sized shark. I watched from afar, wondering what they’d do. Long story short, they tagged it, measured it, and released it. I took one picture since my camera is full and that was all I could get. I passed them but then went back and one saw I was going to ask a question. I asked if they’d tagged the shark and he said yes, they are volunteers with NOAA. He then explained that they get postcards from NOAA and, when they catch and tag the shark, they send the stats to them for tracking. This isn’t the GPS kind of tracking. I thought that was interesting and I was glad to have this experience as it was totally new to me. I also learned it was a lemon shark! I said I thought it was a great white and he laughed and said no. I know what great whites look like and hadn’t really looked at lemon sharks before. I can clearly see now that they are rather different and now I know how to tell them apart. 

Lemon shark. 
So… I have more to share about sharks at some point. For now, I will simply say that during a beach walk the other day I saw a fin very nearby me, close to where I stood with just my feet in the water. It was a shark moving swiftly and deliberately. I had thought it was a great white that was young but larger than the babies I’d been seeing. I now think it was a lemon shark. 

I love the beach! 

I love having these experiences. I love having awesome expectations for fun and satisfaction to be a part of my days in moments like these. I love learning new things and making connections. I love walking the beach and I have the expectation of enjoying it every single time. Each night especially, when I walk it, I look around so thrilled to be in such a beautiful place. It's one of the easiest places I know to be. I love it. 

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Incredibly Independent

I’m feeling incredibly independent. I’m doing so many new things and living so much of how and what I want to with more clearly on the way, that it feels amazing. I am happier and happier and things are going really, really well.

It feels good to notice that I’m feeling so independent as feeling independent to me means feeling capable, confident, secure, solid, strong and able. It feels doubt free and it is. I hadn’t even realized until just now how doubt free I am about so many things. I really KNOW without question that I can. I can do whatever, I can be whatever, I can have whatever. I feel very free, very sure, very upbeat, and very good. This also means that I’m up for a lot of new things and open to a lot of what I want. I just figure it’s a “Yes, I can” and a “Yes, I will” and a “Yes” to so much good stuff. It’s like when I’m driving and keep getting green lights as I’m ready and eager to go, enjoying the ride, the destinations, and the continuing journey. It feels good. I feel good.

Here are a few pictures of late. First, of meals and second of nature.

It feels really good to have healthy relationships and especially to have a healthy relationship with myself. Inspiration comes from within (contrast to motivation which comes from the external i.e. “a motivating factor”) and feeling inspired to new ideas, action, and whatever else, is really fun. My impulses are good and I see the how things come together so well as I trust and follow them. So much of my journey has been with feeling that- feeling my way as I go. I continue to be lead by this and I’m excited about where I am at and excited about where else I will go and what else I will do. Content is awesome. Ready and eager for more, knowing it is coming, while being happy where I am is ideal. I’m in a really good place; a really good place emotionally, physically, and overall. Life is supposed to be fun and mine is. I’m really happy.

Amongst all of the choices that I’m making, all of the easy decisions that are becoming easier, I had a moment of realizing all of the choices I was no longer making. Better choices have taken their place and a better life has as well. There’s no turning back and lots of forward motion. This is living. This is learning. This is knowing and trusting myself with such certainty. It only gets better and better. I am really proud of myself and my life and all the goodness I have asked for and allowed. It only gets better and better. Life is good!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

An Abundance of Goodness

There are so many wonderful things I want and have. As I was listing them this morning, I decided it would make a good post to share some of them! 

I’ve got daily beach walks, fresh air, sunlight, wildlife, friendly people, new opportunities, and interesting things here.
I’ve got comfort; fresh water, a bathhouse for showers, easy and well priced laundry, and electricity.
I’ve got the air conditioner working great and keeping us cool, a safe place for my cat, and easy come and go as I please.
I’ve got access to variety of foods, my favorite stores, and the ability to cook more regardless of the outside temperature since I have the AC.
I’ve got interesting people to rendezvous with and have fun conversations with.
I’ve got a growing understanding of the thick dialects from parts of country and really kind people who can tell when I’m not sure what they’ve said and are willing to explain slowly or in different words.
I’ve got lots of freedom, as always, to play and do as I please.
I’ve got somewhat of a schedule to look forward to, learning and doing new things.
I’ve got feelings of excitement and eagerness and calm and chill knowing.
I’ve got dolphins and alligators and fishes and birds to watch and admire.
I’ve got notebooks to fill, favorite movies and shows to watch and the power to easily do so. (HouseSitter, Labyrinth and Fraggle Rock so far.)
I’ve got access to drinkable water and delicious tasting ice.
I’ve got solar lights that look cool each evening and give me light to see out and around.
I’ve got open sky and stars and the moon, rainstorms, and a breeze.
I’ve got feet that are smooth and tough like sea glass from so much time in the ocean. I’ve got a strength in walking on virtually anything with ease.
I’ve got people who know what they are doing and are happy to show and explain things to me when I ask.
I’ve got a variety of ages around me, a form of diversity I really enjoy.
I’ve got easy access to a propane fill if and when I need it and less need since my fridge is on electric now.
I’ve got a place I love to be, that’s beautiful and well maintained, where people are happy and friendly, and where some are beginning to recognize me when I’m out and about.
I’ve got ideas that excite me.
I’ve got desires I’m looking forward to experiencing more fully.
I’ve got dreams I like to dream about either way.
I’ve got a strong sense of independence, knowing I am capable and that any outside assistance I need will easily come to me when I need it.
I’ve got a fun new hobby I’m enjoying and will be sharing more about in the future.
I've got a wonderful feline friend to share my life with.
I’ve got lots to look forward to.
I’ve got lots I want right now.
I’ve got the recognition of having both. 

I’ve got an abundance of goodness. I’ve got a great life. 

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Sunset Tonight

It was rainy and windy for much of today. I put on my raincoat and ventured out to walk the beach in the morning and, once I got to the end of the boardwalk before the sand, I stood there looking at the crashing waves with gusts of wind, salt water, and rain coming at me. It reminded me so much of a snow storm. I thought how it'd be good to have goggles as well as rain pants. Instead of a beach walk, I came back to the RV, soaked.

Later in the afternoon, I felt convinced that the rain had let up long enough and the sun was shining more clearly. I wanted to walk. Off I went, satisfied by my feet in the water as I made my way down the shore. I especially love the sensation of walking on the newly wet sand as the tide rises. It was a happy surprise that I walked for a few hours considering I thought it might be short when I set out. Of course, I was smiling when I saw the big, bright sun and felt its warm light on me. The birds I came across were many and happy, too, squawking and staying where they were despite my nearing them as if the food they were finding was well worth the close proximity to me.

I was so thankful for the storm to clear and glad to be back out at the beach. Here are some photos from the walk this evening which ended with a beautiful full moon.

That lovely and awesome liminal time of sun and moon at once. The moon is there within the clouds.

I love walking the beach.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

On Rendezvous with Wildlife, Noticing Things, and Being Alone

A really great thing about the way I live and travel is that I allow myself the freedom to go as I please and to stay as I please as well. I have fallen in love with this place. It happened when I first came and it happened each return. I love being here. When I leave, I come back. As far as a physical location goes, I want to call this home.

I’ve lived different places for various lengths of time. I enjoy the changes and variety a lot. I don’t think of home as simply a place. I’ve lived places that don’t feel like home. I’ve lived places that I knew were temporary. Everything is temporary actually. I’ve known when it would be short term. I’ve known when I like a place and want to stay. I’ve known when I liked being someplace and would be happy to leave and return or not.

I was just talking with some rangers and volunteers at the ranger station about Wisconsin. Some had just been or were headed there for a visit. I mentioned how much I loved it and how I spent a month there last Summer. I had no idea, when I first entered WI then, that I’d be exploring it so much. There is still more to see there, though I am quite happy I got to a lot of different parts of it.

Last night I was walking the beach and my attention was drawn to this post with a light. (I’m not sure the name of this … pretty sure it has an official term.) I looked at it and did think it would make a pretty picture and then wondered to myself, is there anything there to take a picture of? Yes. I immediately noticed a bird perched on it. We’d had rain storms and it was wet looking. It looked like an eagle! *A hawk! I keep referring to it as an eagle. I love seeing hawks. I've rarely seen eagles. I'm leaving eagle because I want to since that is what I kept saying and thinking until I realized I meant hawk now.* Do eagles go to the beach? I took some pictures. I got closer. It flew to another one of those posts with a light on it and this confirmed for me that it was an eagle. I was appreciative I had looked and seen this. I love eagles and view them as a positive sign to see them. I’d seen another recently on a fence along with two other, smaller and different kinds of birds. Loved seeing that, too.

That wasn’t all that happened though. Then I saw a fin come out of the water nearby the post with the light that the eagle was on. Dolphins! Swimming in that way that reminds me of a wheel in water, circular and up and down. I was now so thankful I had looked and that this was unfolding as it was. You can see in this picture the bird by the light and the dolphins as a speck there in the water.

The bird is perched and the dolphins are to the right, sort of centered in the picture.

Here, the dolphins are on the left about above the '.I" of below.

I walked back to the campground I’m staying at. I’m at a beach campground. There is no better place for me to be right now. I love it.

Did you know that those white crabs like to run the soft sandy beach at night? Did you know they sound like mice scurrying when they do? I’ve heard mice carrying things. This crab sound is like a mouse just on its own, not carrying anything. I usually listened to music but last night, on my way back and just toward the end of my walk, I took my earbuds out to hear. I heard the ocean waves breathing and felt the breeze. As I reached the boardwalk to get back to the campsites I noticed a deer looking right at me from the grass nearby. We looked at each other. Do you know the sounds of a deer sort of snorting? Softer than a horse. Harsher than a dog. It ran off and I later heard that sound. Recently, another night, I turned my phone flashlight on and had a similar encounter with a deer near the walk there. It was startled by my light and made that sound(I want to say it chortled) and we both jumped a bit and it ran off. That’s when I figured out it was a deer. It’s really cool to see them by the beach.

Hearing the sounds last night, I thought about how I usually walk and listen to music and how much I enjoy doing so. I love the rhythm and the way it feels to walk like this. I briefly thought about the sounds I was missing by doing so and I stopped myself because I wasn’t missing anything. I loved listening to the music. I knew the ocean sounds were there. I just chose to tune into something else. I wasn’t missing anything. When I’m feeling happy doing whatever I am doing, I’m there. I’m fully there. I’m not thinking about all the other things I could be doing or all the other things I love to do and that I’m not doing right then. I’m there. I have preferences. I know I love being at the beach lately and I feel there has been tremendous benefit from spending so much time at it. There has been benefit in tuning into it as well as tuning it out.

I see butterflies pretty much every day. Gopher tortoises are out and about and far faster than one might imagine if familiar with the idea that they might be slow. They aren’t. I’ve seen a baby sea turtle and I’ve seen the sign for where there are eggs so we can look and not get too close. I’ve seen darker crabs in the water and along the shore.  I've seen horseshoe crabs and stingrays. I've seen lots of creatures I don't know the names of. I’ve seen cardinals and other birds. I’ve seen cats other than the one I live with. I’ve seen dogs, too of course.

There are lizards, however, I haven’t seen them as often. I’m excited because the new site I just moved to today has a tree! I am very excited about this because not only do we get a bit of shade even in the daylight, animals like trees! And my cat likes to watch them. Perfect!

As I was walking last night and noticing these things, I was thankful because I know that things like this are everywhere. There are all sorts of opportunities for us to rendezvous with what we like and want to and it’s just a matter of paying attention to them and being receptive of noticing.

I’ve written about traveling solo and the connections and in the moment experiences I’ve had that have been so much fun. This is the same thing. That quick view of the dolphins rising and then submerging is exciting. It’s brief, even if I watched them cross the water so saw it repeatedly. It’s a tiny bit of my walk and my day. It’s also the thing that brings such satisfaction to the walk and a bit of a thrill. I know the water has lots of dolphins yet I don’t always see them. I know those moments are everywhere throughout each day yet I don’t always meet up with them and recognize it.

I’ve been spending a lot of time alone lately. I see people when I go out and I’ve been staying at a campground more than ever before and enjoying it. I like being alone. I like being in fun company. I like being around animals and nature. I adore the beach. I am not feeling lonely in the slightest. I’m not missing anything. My days are satisfying yet if you ask me what I’m doing, I somewhat short for words. I’m enjoying myself. No matter what I’m experiencing, or how I am feeling, at the end of the day, I’m really enjoying myself. That really is all that matters to me.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Come Rain or Shine: Some Perks of Rain as an RVer

I'm parked in a lot filled with stores and restaurants in a very heavy rain storm. A drive was appealing so I've headed down a road I'd been curious about for a while. What better time to explore than in a downpour? Obviously this is a popular opinion as you can see by the view from my dashboard:

There was more traffic in the intersections and town areas. There were also trucks which are fairly common to see, carrying trees from the forest along here. 
I thought I was heading North and it turns out it was South! Anyhow there are many benefits to the rain from my perspective. You really can't rain on my parade in the proverbial sense because I love it. Aside from the hydration for the land and such, here are some of the reasons I appreciate it as an RVer: 

  1. It washes the RV! Especially the sand from being by the beach, or the dirt or leaves or what have you when in other places. 
  2. It's a great way to check for leaks. No need to freak out if you find water inside at a window or fan vent. Make sure they are fully closed tightly because the wind and rain can make its way in if they aren't. 
  3. It cleans the under body to drive in the rain and have the water splash up.
  4. It's likely cool enough to cook in the daytime. 
  5. It's cozy and comfortable inside and I can watch the drops moving along the windows and hear the various sounds of it hitting the fiberglass and metal and glass and other parts, all creating unique and beautiful sounds. 

I mentioned recently that from the warm location point of view, it's a pleasant change to have a stormy day amongst the usual sunshine. Part of why I enjoy it is because it is different than the norm. There's so much about the rain I love and throw in these wonderful claps of thunder and brilliant flashes of lightning and what a great time it makes for! 

As I've sat here, I've heard some funny sounds from people dashing in and out of their cars. I also fixed lunch for myself. It'd been a long time since I'd had a burrito and this was easy: tortilla, cheese, pinto beans, mild sauce. One cast iron skillet and a few minutes later, I was set. Yum! 

The forecast suggests the storms will continue for hours. Come rain or shine, you know I'll enjoy it! 

Sunday, May 21, 2017

One Pot Meal: Chili Mac and Cheese with Vegetables

I recently got a campsite at one of my favorite state parks. That night, I decided I would use a bunch of the foods I had and, upon considering what was on hand, I had an idea to make chili with mac and cheese. A quick search online where I found a recipe of just that gave me further satisfaction with the idea and a rough guide for how to prepare it. I also decided to add some vegetables to it. I only took pictures after I made it and will simply say it was very tasty and I would make it again! It’s a great option for a camping trip as everything can be made in one pot. 

Here’s what I used:

1.5 teaspoons butter
one vidalia onion, chopped
1/2 pound ground turkey 
taco seasoning (I used up what I had, probably 1-2 teaspoons) 
one can of black beans, drained
30 ounces of water
1/2 cup or so of frozen mixed vegetables 
one box of mac and cheese 

one 3 quart pot
one paring knife
one slotted spoon 
a 30 ounce tumbler for the water

Here’s what I did: 

  1. Brown the meat with the butter, chopped onion, and taco seasoning. 
  2. Add the black beans. 
  3. Add the water and frozen mixed vegetables. Bring to a boil.
  4. Add the pasta from the macaroni and cheese and cook until the pasta is ready, usually 7-9 minutes. 
  5. Turn it off and stir in the cheese packet. 

Mine ended up a bit more like a soup, however, I loved it like that and just used a slotted spoon to drain it when I put it on a tortilla with an added slice of cheese. I’d totally add more cheese in the future. It would work to use pasta and cheese, not the boxed mac and cheese, for even more flavor as well. This made multiple meals for one person and I’d say could feed at least four people with these measurements. I froze some for a later day, too. Delicious! 

The tortilla was good with it, however, I ate it plain, too and liked it just as well. 

Friday, May 19, 2017

Washington Oaks Gardens State Park in Palm Coast, FL

When I was registering for my visit at Anastasia State Park, I was given a BOGO ticket for the nearby (about 30 minutes south) Washington Oaks Gardens State Park as well. This was awesome! I had previously driven by it and opted not to go in. On my last day's stay, I drove down with just over an hour before closing to check the park out. I am so glad I did!

First of all, this park is much bigger than I thought and I actually only visited the garden side, not knowing until I was leaving that I could cross the street to the beach side. I know for the next time and would love to visit again, perhaps for an event even, and I definitely feel this park is worth the entry fee either way. 

It was the honor system upon entering and no ranger was there. I decided to drive around the park, to get a sense of things and decide how to proceed. I'm also glad I did that. I saw there are trails and there is a large picnic area. What I was most interested in was the formal gardens so that is where I focused. 

The park was given to the state by Louise Young and had been her home, along with some family, prior. There is a distant relation to George Washington. The visitors center along the path of the historic gardens area is the old home. One section has information set up like a mini exhibit and the other is set like a living room may have been back when she lived there complete with an old fashioned TV playing a likely dated movie about the grounds(it was Florida nature related, at least.) I looked at the old books on the shelves, recognizing that my family had some of the same series. There are also bathrooms here. I like how they made use of the house like this. 

It was nearing sunset and I followed the map and read the various markers. What a lovely place to have lived. An interesting thing was that, as I made mental connections, something seemed familiar... then I saw an old photo and I knew it! This woman is featured in a book I read when I was younger. I hadn't heard of the gardens back then and it began to come together more. Louise Young became a millionaire by 19 in the early 1900s with her business. A photo I saw here was like the one on the cover of the book. I was more familiar with her story and this place than I'd remembered. 

The gardens and property are nice. The history and things that were done here were cool. From art to citrus production and more, it seems like it was a lively and charming place to dwell. 

They were setting up for an event the next day. Alas, I had just the right amount of time to visit the gardens and do the self guided tour and then leave by closing(8:15 that night.) One could easily spend hours here, if walking the beach and the trails, packing a lunch, touring the gardens and visiting the shop which was closed when I was there. 

I'd recommend it and I'd go back! 

Saturday, May 13, 2017

A Favorite Place

I'm so thankful for this grey day. As I lay here, listening to the sounds of the wind through the trees and with a sense of how it feels to have it brush upon me, I'm once again appreciating the contrast. So many warm and sunny days abound here and I absolutely love it. I love the sunlight and the warmth and the ease at which I feel being in it. I have found a place that is so easy to feel good and be happy at. 

It's raining now and being in the RV when it rains is lovely. The sounds of it hitting various parts, the relief from the heat and humidity, plus the added bonus of a wash to remove the sand and make the exterior sparkly clean is all enjoyable. 

I posted the above picture today on IG with this:

"So where have you been and what have you been up to the past 5+ months?"

"Oh, here, there, traveling and exploring. Mostly, I've been at the beach. "

And it's true. I can be content anywhere and I can especially be content at the beach. Even someone who loves traveling and new and different places and experiences can have favorites and this is one of mine. In fact, I've hardly been in woods in comparison as the beach is just so enticing. It has been and continues to be. 

Depending on where along the coast I am (traveling mostly along the Central to Northern coast of Florida these months), there have been noticeable variances. I've shared about this throughout my posts and I continue to like the similarities and differences I find. The textures, the objects and creatures, and what have you. The beach is a lovely match to me when I'm already happy and feeling good and a place I go to realign with happiness and feeling good if I'm out of sync with that. It's truly one of my favorite places. 

I want to open this post to comments because I would love to hear from people where their favorite place to be is. Where are you happy to return to and happy to be? What is your favorite place? 

There are some thoughts and things we can think of that immediately evoke good feelings. Beach
walking, for me, is top notch. I love it. 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Raw Feeding a Cat: Making Raw Cat Food in My RV

I recently made a batch of raw cat food and took some pictures to show how I do it. 

First, when we've been in an area where I can find it, I have bought premade frozen raw cat food. My cat likes the Bravo burgers which are easy and convenient to feed. Thaw a burger and feed about half of one a day(for my cat; it depends on age, size, weight, appetite.) She also sometimes eats Primal's nuggets. Same deal except you take out however many nuggets from a bag full of them. In this respect, Bravo is a bit easier. 

I wrote about feeding freeze dried and dehydrated foods here as well. In sticks and bricks or if you have a set address you can schedule it to, I recommend Darwin's Pet which is shipped directly to you every however often, according to how much your cat eats and how you want to schedule it. My cat liked the turkey food they made and I would purchase it for her again. I also have a premix to add to raw meat and make fresh food for her myself. On the road, making fresh raw cat food with the premix is a pretty simple thing to do. Here's how I do it:  


Here's what I use:

a bowl 
a spoon
freezer bags
food scissors  
raw chicken 

I don't always make a full batch at once so I just follow the directions and alter the amounts as needed. I eyeball it since I've got enough cooking and baking experience to confidently do so. 

1) I put the premix into the bowl and add water. Sometimes I whisk it but a spoon seems to do fine. 

2.) In this instance, I bought chicken breasts that needed to be cut so I cut it directly into the bowl. You can use different kinds of meat, my cat just loves chicken. 

3.) I stir it all together and add a bit more water if it seems thick. Cats generally stay hydrated by the food they eat.

4.) I then portion a day's worth of food into each bag. I freeze them and either keep one day's in the fridge or keep the bowl with a meal or day's worth in the fridge because my cat will gladly eat from it. I actually like to make this before feeding her so she can have a meal and lick the bowl clean. :) She displays such happiness and satisfaction after eating it and I have less to scrub off the bowl! 

5.) I usually take a bag out of the freezer and place it in the fridge to thaw overnight. That's all there is to it!

A little tip, your cat may be inclined to take the food out of the bowl or off the dish to eat this. My cat tends to do that and I feed her on my fiberglass floor so it is easy to clean the floor after. Some people feed on towels or a place mat that is also easy to wipe down. I recommend feeding from a flat dish if possible. 

The premix I used here is called Better in the Raw. I find it easy to use for single meals or making a batch like this and my cat likes it. She really likes another brand called Feline Instincts as well. I have bags of both currently and would recommend either. If you're interested in trying Feline Instincts, I think you need to go right to their website to buy it and, if I recall correctly, it's made in Florida. If you're interested in trying the Better in the Raw or some other raw options, feel free to check out the link on my website to my Amazon store where you can shop as usual and I get a bit of extra cash from you doing so at no additional cost to you and check back at my other cat posts for more on traveling with a cat if you like, too.