Life on the Open Road

Life on the Open Road

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Two Years and What Have I Got to Show for It?

The joy is the journey and I am having fun! 

I'm living happily ever after as I go.

There’s a song I’ve been enjoying lately and I’d like to share the lyrics here. It’s called, Go For It by Sidewalk Prophets:

Life is a starting line 
it can happen anytime
this is what you’re made to do 

just let your heart believe
give in to your wild dreams
live ‘em like they’re coming true 

on your mark, hey
on your mark, hey 
ready set, hey
ready set, hey 

you’ve got to go for it, go for it
show up and swing for the fence
call your shot, give all that you’ve got left
and go for it, just go for it 
‘cause there’s no way to rewind 
time to lay it all on the line

don’t give up, don’t ever give in
you’ve got to go for it
eyes on the prize, no doubt in your mind
you’ve got to go for it 

no we’re not looking back 
find us on the fast track 
nothing’s gonna stop us now
we’ll make ‘em wonder
listen to the thunder when our feel hit the ground 

and go for it 

It repeats the chorus and there’s some nice oohing. 

Two years on the road and what have I got to show for it? I’m happy, I’m glad to be alive, and I’m proud of myself and the deliberate life I’m living. 😀