Life on the Open Road

Life on the Open Road

About Inspired Trekker

inspire ~ impart an idea to something; of extraordinary quality, as if arising from some external creative impulse

trekking ~ travel constantly from place to place; lead a nomadic life 

Essentially, Inspired Trekking is feeling Moved to Move; allowing inspiration within to bring action aligned with it. It feels good. It flows. It’s intuitive and it’s easy. 

This site is a place to share some of my experiences living and traveling full-time in a class B RV with my feline companion through writing, photos, videos, and more. I hope it is entertaining and useful to others. 

Some of my favorite things in and about a new place:
  1. historic downtown
  2. walkable 
  3. by water
  4. parks/nature
  5. local museums 

What I look for when I travel: 
Similarities and differences – what’s like what I know and what is different? What is unique and stands out? What feels good about it? 

What I look at when I travel:
Layout, sidewalks, streets, shops, nature/gardens/parks, people, animals, insects, plaques, monuments. Is this a place I’d like to see more of? Recommend to others? To whom? 

What I love to find: 
Culture. The essence of the town and its inhabitants. A sense of its history, where it is now and where it is looking to go. I like to get a feel for a place and a sense of who it is, so to speak. 

I post a variety of things. Explore and discover what you want to and feel free to leave the rest out. And, if you have the interest, check out my store to help fund my travels. Thanks!